Building Our Community
at Dundas and Sherbourne

Our team is planning for the addition of two new rental buildings with modern amenities to the site at 191 and 201 Sherbourne.

We understand that Toronto, especially downtown, is seeing a growing need for rental housing and want to assist with addressing that need. We also see this development as an opportunity to improve community safety and amenities, which will in turn benefit the entire neighbourhood.

We have recently submitted applications for a zoning change and official plan amendment to start the formal process of engaging with the City about this plan.

On this website, you will find some background information about our plans for the site and some tools for you to share your perspective.

We want our project to serve the community in a positive way for decades to come, and for that to happen, we need to build something that compliments the neighbourhood and improves the lives of both current and prospective residents.

You can find our full application package, as submitted to the City of Toronto, here (158 MB).