If you live, work or play in the area, we want to hear your experiences. If you have a few minutes to help, please fill out this survey.

We know that the ongoing COVID-19 situation makes engagement challenging, but we are committed to putting in the effort required to gain input from the community on this development proposal. That’s why we’re using digital tools, like this website and virtual community engagement events to give residents and the broader community opportunities to provide their feedback. 

As we were developing our proposal, we held a virtual open house meeting, as well as conversations with neighbourhood stakeholders to help us understand the community’s needs and ensure we’re considering how we can best contribute to improving aspects, like community safety, for generations to come.

You can find a copy of the presentation we delivered during the open house meeting here and a summary of the meeting here.

We’re committed to providing people who are interested in the project with regular opportunities to engage with us, as well as give feedback on our plans and the process as it continues.

We encourage interested people to contact us through the form below if you want to ask a question or provide a comment about the proposal.

We’re still early in the process and will continue to engage with the community, as well as City Staff and Councillor Wong-Tam to refine our proposal, delivering a great development for the community.