We’re looking to add a mixed-use residential tower to the site to add some much-needed rental housing to the area. We are looking at incorporating around 313 rental units. We’re also looking to enhance connectivity and safety on the site, by incorporating pathways that are well-lit and accessible for residents and community members to use, in addition to new, upgraded amenities.

The Sherbourne building would be 15 stories high, located between the two existing buildings 191 Sherbourne to the south of the site, and which is 17 stories high, and 201 Sherbourne to the north, which is 23 stories high.


The second proposed building, which we call the Shuter Building, will start at 7 stories at its tallest, adjacent to 191 Sherbourne, and terrace down to 4 stories along Seaton, which will better relate the building’s massing to that of the nearby houses on Seaton Street and the neighbourhood to the east.

We’re working with an expert team that includes Zeidler Architects, Bousfields Inc., and Counterpoint Engineering.

No – this will have no impact on the rent of any current tenant. No tenants will be required to leave or move apartments as a result of this project. All tenants will have access to new amenities on site.

One of the things we’re excited about is that the placement of the buildings means this project will create very little new shadowing. You can find detailed shadow drawings in our application materials.

We have heard already that area residents see this development as improving safety and mobility through the site. We are committed to ensuring that the neighbourhood will have a network of pedestrian access through the site that is safe and well-lit, and will be engaging with you throughout this process to inform our design plans based on how locals and residents use this site currently.

We understand that safety in this area is important, and we will work together with the City and local enforcement officials to ensure that this development will contribute to improvements to laneway safety and reducing crime to make current and prospective residents feel more safe as they move through the site.

We are still too early in the planning process to guess when construction will start, but it will be a matter of years, not months. We will keep you up-to-date and provide you with more information on the building process as we move along.

We are adding 100 new parking spaces to the existing and underutilized 500 car parking garage currently located below the existing buildings. We are also adding 530 indoor bike parking spaces to the existing 67 that are currently located throughout the site.

We see these new units as providing some much-needed rental housing in the area, and we will strive for a fair market rental price. We understand that Toronto and the GTA is experiencing a shortage of rental housing, and as a responsible real estate developer, we hope to do our part to provide some relief. We expect to have further discussions about affordable housing with city staff, the councillor and the community as we move through the application process.

Yes, there will be many opportunities for community input. We want it to be easy for neighbours and members of the community to share their thoughts and ask questions. We are incorporating many new virtual tools for engagement because of the pandemic, and there will be additional information sessions, as well as the public meetings that are part of the city application process.

Our project can be a catalyst for positive change in the future of the area as it continues to evolve and modernize, especially with investments in infrastructure, community safety and transit, which ultimately have a positive impact on property values in the area.

We are planning to minimize our impact on traffic in the neighbourhood by creating connections to both current and future public transit infrastructure. We are considering how this project can serve to develop the area, especially with the upcoming Moss Park Ontario Line stop, by contributing to improvements to local infrastructure.

These will be purpose-built rental buildings. We understand that the cost of home ownership, especially in downtown Toronto, is unattainable for many people, and this neighbourhood will see a growing need for rental housing as it continues to evolve and change. We want to positively contribute to addressing that need.