Our Plan

Our application plans for the construction of one new building on Sherbourne and a second on the Shuter side of the property.

Our key priorities for the project are:

  • Improving the safety of our tenants, the community and their overall well-being
  • Building new, central, outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy
  • Introducing new building amenities and improving existing ones on the site
  • Improving connectivity to forthcoming transit infrastructure, like the Moss Park Ontario Line stop
  • Ensuring the grounds of the development are pedestrian friendly, well-lit for nighttime wayfinding, and walkable
  • Supporting investments in improved cycling infrastructure

Our goal is to create a more enjoyable experience for current and future residents through enhanced building amenities and a safer living environment.

Overall, we are planning to add approximately 313 new rental units to the 596 that already exist on the site.

In conversations before our application submission, we heard from the community what we build along Sherbourne needs to function in context with our existing buildings. As a result, we are planning on something that’s less tall than the existing buildings.

We’ve also heard that that we should limit the height of buildings along Shuter Street, and consider reducing the height as it approaches Seaton, and that’s something we’re incorporating into our preliminary plans.

The Sherbourne building would be 15 stories high, located between the two existing buildings 191 Sherbourne to the south of the site, and which is 17 stories high, and 201 Sherbourne to the north, which is 23 stories high.

The second proposed building, which we call the Shuter Building, will start at 7 stories at its tallest, adjacent to 191 Sherbourne, and terrace down to 4 stories along Seaton, which will better relate the building’s massing to that of the nearby houses on Seaton Street and the neighbourhood to the east.

Both the Sherbourne Building and the Shuter Building terrace down to the neighbouring buildings with a series of terraced green roofs which are intended to be accessible to residents as outdoor amenity space.

We see this development as an opportunity to improve community safety and amenities, which in turn will benefit the entire neighborhood. We have been working to listen to the community and incorporate your feedback on how we can achieve this.

While our plans will include the construction of two new rental buildings on the site, we are also planning to convert a significant amount of existing open space that is currently used for functions like garbage collection, site access and parking ramps into usable outdoor amenity space for residents.

We are working to ensure that the overall amount of outdoor space available to residents is supplemented by access to green roof amenity terraces located in both of the proposed infill buildings.

In addition, we are working on the following key improvements:

  • Centralization of all garbage pickup facilities for the development in an indoor area to the north of 201 Sherbourne, reducing noise and other negative impacts of garbage pickup for the site and surrounding community
  • Removing the large existing vehicular layby in front of 191 Sherbourne will be removed and turned to accessible green space
  • Widening and improving Windeyer Lane to facilitate access to a centralized parking garage entrance at the rear of the site

For answers to specific questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Application: Key Documents

You can find links to some of the items in our application package at the bottom of this page. You can find our full application package here.